Zeitgeist-filtered Dashboard plugin for Gedit available for download and use

Days ago, we presented a fancy new interface, Dash, designed for Gedit that acts, looks and behaves like an intelligent start screen, displaying the recent and most used text files with search-through capabilities.

Dash plugin for Gedit has landed just now and it is available for download.

This plugin transforms Gedit into a Chromium-like experience and, by hitting the "Create a new document" icon, Gedit will expose big content-aware preview of your Zeitgeist-filtered documents, furthermore, to be even more accurate, typing support has been added (in order to quickly search and find your not-in-the-list previously used document).

Being production-wise, the Dash plugin displays documents as a preview skipping the regular "stuff", like for instance licenses, copyright, etc (if you, for instance, look through coding-related documents you may have difficulties in recognizing them if the preview itself is the same for all).

How do we install Dash 0.1 plugin?
Download the archive, unpack it, copy the extracted content (dashboard.plugin, dashboard.py, COPYING.GPL) to .local/share/gedit/plugins (create the folder if it doesn't exist) and activate the plugin (Gedit-->Edit-->Preferences-->Plugins-->check Dashboard).

How do we use the Dash 0.1 plugin?
Open Gedit or open a file with Gedit, press "Create new document", then either click&create "Empty Document", click&run another recent/most used document or search&run other used documents.

Possible errors
You get an error when trying to activate the Dashboard plugin

Possible fixes

sudo apt-get install python-pygments