XplanetFX, real-time Earth wallpaper, updated to 2.2.1

A few weeks ago we covered XplanetFX , a real-time, live Earth wallpaper and its development.
Just now, XplanetFX has been updated to 2.2.1 version, bringing new, interesting changes since 2.1.1 version like:

  • heavy rewrite of the GUI
  • a separate are now in their own tab
  • preview widget now shows more realistic preview of the Earth (with corona, clouds, specular and stars)
  • position widget was pimped with color, a grid and micro numbering
  • consistent save, refresh and close buttons
  • new splash screen
  • new application icon
  • star-field can be zoomed
  • corona blurriness editable
  • Moon mask gets negated and applied to shadows in one step
  • many bug fixes

For installation and download see our previous post.