Web Browser App implemented by default in Ubuntu 14.04

Since the beginning of 2013, the developers have been working on adding layer after layer into the upcoming Ubuntu converged experience, gradually creating, shaping and solidifying applications, services, visuals and interactions.

Gallery App, Ubuntu System Settings, Media Player App, Web Browser App are among the applications developed by the developers utilizing the latest programing trends in Ubuntu, including Qt/QML, Ubuntu SDK, etc, apps initially aimed at phones.

Ubuntu 14.04 has just received via the regular updates Web Browser App, web-browsing application now installed in Trusty Tahr by default, implementation moving the fancy Web Browser App from universe to main.

As seen during the latest months, Web Browser App has traversed a vigorous fruitful development road, gaining feature after feature, as well as designs, optimized interactions and an overall stylish classy look & feel.

On its main view, Web Browser App fully exposes web content, while dragging its bottom-area, summons a clean address-bar where web-addresses are to be typed/pasted into.

Moreover, Web Browser App received weeks ago a dedicated Activity view, where big-sized thumbnails populate a history-like area; Today, Currently viewing, etc, are categories with specific thumbnails, permitting to the user to hassle-free observe the history of web-browsing, as well as to 1-click away access web-sites contained in the view (by simply clicking on thumbnails).

The thumbnails from within Activity come with a star icon attached to each thumbnail, clicking on an empty star, makes the star red and pushes the red-star enabled thumbnail to Bookmarks, essentially, a view populated with added-by-the-user bookmarks.

The mentioned features, along with dialog support (prompts, notifications, etc), state-aware Back and Forward buttons, chic progress-bar expressing the loading of web-addresses and agility, speed are part of Web Browser App.

The implementation of Web Browser App in Trusty Tahr is definitely interesting, while remains to be seen its evolution across the upcoming months.