Valve's Drew Bliss at UDS-R: "Ubuntu was the very obvious choice"

Powerful games are, according to numerous users and developers (including Mark Shuttleworth), one of the most expected/demanded/requested landing in the Ubuntu world (since the beginning of Ubuntu).

Is is now a common fact that the developers have started a serious work on bringing more and more games to Ubuntu, such as the Humble Bundle, Electronic Arts', etc, calming the "waves" of the vividly-requesting gaming-interested users.

Weeks ago, Valve announced an upcoming release of Steam (and various games) for Linux (specifically Ubuntu), release that is to be tested via a BETA (testing) release in the near future, exciting news paired with this week's presence of Valve's Drew Bliss at Ubuntu Developer Summit.

A definitely interesting aspect of Drew Bliss' talk (minutes 13:24-->) is the mentioning of the reasons behind the Ubuntu's selection (as Valve's Linux-based target): "broad user base", "strong organization" , "strong community", "Canonical is great", "the community is very interested" [in Valve].