Unity updated in Ubuntu 13.04 with performance improvements and smoother Unity Previews animations

Numerous new features have already landed in Raring Ringtail, including fancy animations for Previews, error-tolerant libcolumbus library, new icons for lenses and Ubuntu logo, refined and enriched window-management behavior, etc.

Yet, it seems that high-performance is a current development effort in Ubuntu 13.04, performance enriched in the newly-released Unity 7 (via the regular updates).

The newly-landed Unity version brings faster Unity Previews animations, delivering smoother animations, gain borrowed while in fullscreen mode, too (and in high-resolution screens).

Right-clicking on a Dash item (in regular and/or fullscreen mode), pushes the right-clicked item into its preview with a more fluid, pleasant-to-the-eye animation.

Moreover, numerous internal Unity processes have been significantly improved, optimization bringing reductions for:

  • UnityScreen::nuxEpilogue: -38.3%
  • IconRenderer::RenderElement: -5.8%
  • Launcher::DrawContent: -58.6%
  • panel::Controller::GetTrayXids: -100%
  • UnityScreen::nuxDamageCompiz: -70%
  • IconRenderer::PreprocessIcons: -74.3%
  • UnityScreen::nuxPrologue: -36.9%
  • IconRenderer::UpdateIconTransform: -87.7%
  • UnityScreen::paintPanelShadow: -64.3%
  • dash::LensView::OnResultAdded: -84.6%
  • IconTexture::GetTransform: -89.4%

Weeks ago, the developers landed by default libcolumbus, versatile error-tolerant library that on-the-fly matches faulty-typed words with correct words (such as, matching naaitilus as nautilus directly in the Dash).

The latest Unity comes with a refined libcolumbus version, adding certain minor-yet-relevant improvements (especially in the Unity Applications lens), thus more accurately matching typed words, as well as removing word-matching actions for irrelevant words/characters.

The mentioned optimizations are an interesting addition to Raring's Unity, introducing subtle-yet-handy enhancements.