Unity-Tweak-Tool 0.0.2 adds new features

Ubuntu is a full-fledged operating system that comes with numerous applications and user-tested interaction behaviors, containing a sane set of default actions and activities.

Yet, there are users who, after installing Ubuntu, tweak the desktop, generating a customized per-user-preference Ubuntu experience, touching applications, Unity launcher, Unity panel, window management, etc.

Unity-Tweak-Tool is a definitely interesting (work-in-progress) project that gathers a massive solid set of functionalities into a design-wise intuitive interface.

Basically, Unity-Tweak-Tool meets the desktop with a complete approach, categorizing its to-be-tweaked options into easy-to-access categories, latter divided into user-friendly sub-panels.

Consequently, Unity, System, Window Management and Appearance are categories already-implemented into Unity-Tweak-Tool, allowing the user to 1-click away access, manage and edit configuration options.

Furthermore, it seems that the Unity-Tweak-Tool project has started to implement, along with commonly tweaked options, niche-like additions, moving itself towards a no-compromise experience.

Unity-Tweak-Tool 0.0.2 has been released, continuing to receive new and new functionalities and introducing (across the latest releases) interesting features, such as enhanced Unity launcher quicklist (where its main categories are exposed).

Webapps have been enriched with Preauthorized domains (under Unity-Tweak-Tool-->Unity-->Webapps), such as Amazon and Ubuntu One.

Checking Amazon, automatically highlights (expressing its active state) Amazon (its Unity launcher icon) when the user navigates to amazon (the webpage) via Firefox.

Unchecking the Amazon entry, summons the Unity Web Apps-specific integration menu, when the user navigates to amazon (the webpage).

Unity-Tweak-Tool is properly aligned with the desktop's critical functionalities, hitting the keyboard's Alt key (thus summoning the HUD), exposes a filled-with-Unity-Tweak-Tool-entries HUD, allowing the user to hassle-free access the handy tweaking tool via the HUD.

How do we test/install Unity-Tweak-Tool 0.0.2?
Add the following daily (probably unstable) PPA (Quantal, Raring)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freyja-dev/unity-tweak-tool-daily

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool