Unity Stock Quotes lens 0.7 released with Previews support

Stock quotes are the listing of representative bid prices and asked prices for a particular stock (traded on a specific exchange during a certain trading day).

Stock prices are quoted in percentage points and "in increments of 1/8 ths of a point" ("in the US, each point equals one dollar, and each increment equals 12½ cents").

Unity Stock Quotes lens is a handy lens that transforms the Dash into a financially-oriented entity, in the sense of uniting the versatility, experience and up-to-date state of Yahoo! Finance with the easiness, clarity, and clickability of the Dash.

Yahoo! Finance is a powerful website that provides financial news and informations (such as stock quotes, stock exchange rates, etc), website that saw 37,5 million monthly visitors (in May 2012).

Unity Stock Quotes lens categorizes its results in Quotes (charts) and Headlines (news articles about stocks), basically, properly uniting mathematical bits/values with said-about-stock articles.

Unity Stock Quotes lens 0.7 adds real-time updated chart icons, meaning, typing gold in the search area, exposes the matched results (under Quotes) with a chart icon visually containing its ups and downs (a progressive evolution), typing dow, renders its chart icon (under Quotes) with different ups and downs, basically, the matched chart icons are exposed in relation to the typed word.

The newly released 0.7 version introduces support for the exciting Unity Previews, furthermore, touching both its categories (Quotes and Headlines).

Right clicking on a Quotes result, opens the result in its dedicated preview mode, featuring big-sized preview image (where the chart can be properly observed), as well as relevant details.

Clicking on the More Info button, opens the clicked item directly on its Yahoo! Finance specific webpage, allowing the user to in-depth consume a wide range of financial bits (such as Open, Bid, Ask, Beta, Next Earnings Date, SPS, Market Cap, Volume, etc).

Clicking on Interactive Chart, opens the clicked item directly on its specific Yahoo! Finance webpage, where highly-detailed charts are available.

Headlines gained support for Unity Previews, too, consequently, right-clicking on a Headlines item opens it in its dedicated preview, containing useful informations, such as "title", date, as well as More Info, hitting the latter mentioned button navigates the user to the "source" article.

A definitely interesting aspect of Unity Stock Quotes lens is its approach towards exposed data, in the sense of adopting a hybrid attitude, the top category is occupied by "rigid" mathematical data, data backed by the user-friendly "human-readable" news articles (as generated by the bottom category), presenting the user a complete spectrum of financial knowledge.

How do we install Unity Stock Quotes lens 0.7?

sudo apt-get -t quantal-backports install python-unity-singlet

Add the following official PPA (Quantal)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:scopes-packagers/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-stock-ticker-lens

then, restart the computer.