Unity PyPI lens 0.8 landed in Ubuntu Software Center

PyPI (the Python Package Index) is a powerful software repository for Python (the programming language) containing (presently) 26428 packages.

Unity PyPI lens gathers the deepness of PyPI and exposes its contained packages into a user-friendly easily-graspable lens (designed with speed in mind).

Essentially, the PyPI lens' usage is as simple as typing a word in the search area and clicking on a preferred result, latter action that opens it via the default web-browser directly on its specific PyPI webpage.

A definitely interesting aspect of Unity PyPI lens is its manner of categorizing items, meaning, the lens divides its contained items in Available Modules and Installed Modules, latter category that detects one's already-installed-on-the-computer packages, thus allowing the user to immediately distinguish between installed and non-installed packages.

Unity PyPI lens 0.8 has landed in Ubuntu Software Center, being now 1-click away available for installation.

Unity PyPI lens 0.8 is available for free via Ubuntu Software Center (Ubuntu 12.10).