Unity greeter updated with support to disable the "ready sound" (Ubuntu 12.04)


Ubuntu uses by default as a login experience the Unity greeter, a greeter that provides a good-looking accessible login screen with fancy animations and eyecandy elements.

At the moment, Precise's Unity greeter, when on entering the password, plays (the default behavior) a sound (the "ready sound", sound that acts as an attention that the greeter is ready to receive passwords, change users, etc), that can be perceived, by various users, as inappropriate.

A new updated version of Unity greeter has landed in Precise Pangolin, adding extra configuration options, such as the ability to enable/disable the play ready sound via the dconf-editor:

  • install dconf-editor

    sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

  • navigate to dconf-editor-->com-->canonical-->unity-greeter-->uncheck play-ready-sound