Unity GitHub lens 0.3 released with Previews and direct repo cloning

GitHub is a massive collaborative online place that contains a wide range and amount of software, presently, hosting 4,559,175 repositories (like vmware, Facebook, reddit, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, etc) developed by 2,725,886 developers.

Unity GitHub lens is a handy lens that gathers, categorizes and exposes GitHub data into the Dash, basically, presenting itself as a fast, intuitive and effective manner of accessing GitHub software.

Unity GitHub lens has just been updated to another interesting release, 0.3, introducing support for Unity Previews, thus enlarging its functionalities.

Performing a search, categorizes its items in Users and Repos, categories that have received Previews support.

Consequently, right-clicking on an item, opens it in its dedicated Preview, where "title" and text descriptions are exposed, feature that, along with functionality, aligns the lens to the desktop.

A definitely interesting aspect of Unity GitHub lens is its direct approach, meaning, right-clicking on a Repos item (thus triggering its preview), exposes a Clone Repo button, clicking on it automatically clones the repo via the terminal.

Basically, the user is able to clone repos at a press of a button (without opening a terminal, typing required bits, etc); by default, the cloned repo is located under the home folder.

Typing a word in the search area, displays matched results, right-clicking on them, opens the results in their dedicated preview without image previews.

Yet, typing in the search area words starting with @ (such as @cwayne18), renders in the Previews a specific big-sized image.

How do we install Unity GitHub lens 0.3?

sudo apt-get -t quantal-backports install python-unity-singlet

Add the following official PPA (Quantal)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:scopes-packagers/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-lens-github

then, restart the computer.