Unity DuckDuckGo lens released (PPA available)

Unity DuckDuckGo lens

DuckDuckGo is search engine designed with a clean interface and an enhanced user privacy level in mind.

Unity DuckDuckGo lens integrates the DuckDuckGo search engine into the Dash, incorporating its power into the handiness of the Dash.

The lens displays the searched&found items in three categories: Results (clicking on a result will directly open the item in its webpage without DuckDuckGo as an intermediate via the default web-browser), Related Searches (opens the item in DuckDuckGo), Related Topics (opens the item in DuckDuckGo).

Unity DuckDuckGo lens 12.05 renders the found items via the new card view, giving them a consistent and integrated look, furthermore the direct links are represented by a "clickable icon", small yet handy tweak that helps the user to properly identify their "nature".

The usage is as simple as entering a word in the search area, followed by clicking on the desired result, furthermore, the lens supports Bang syntax, meaning typing !amazon books will open the Amazon web-site and search for books, or typing !youtube unity will open Youtube with unity already performed search.

How do we install install Unity DuckDuckGo lens 12.05?
Add the following PPA (Precise)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:w-vollprecht/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install duckduckgo-lens