Unity Contacts lens brings Ubuntu One and Google Contacts into the Dash

Unity Contacts lens

Unity Contacts lens is a global place where various contacts are easily searchable and editable.

The lens is quite powerful, power generated by its scopes

  • Desktop Contacts a scope that brings Ubuntu One Database's contacts into the lens, meaning, all the contacts created inside Ubuntu One or synced with (regardless of used applications)
  • Google Contacts that gathers contacts from your Google account

How do we use Unity Contacts lens?
To put contacts into the lens, we have lots of choices:

  • via every application capable of Ubuntu One contacts sync (thus providing lots of flexibility)
  • via Thunderbird (Ubuntu One)
    open Ubuntu One and check Enable Contacts Sync, then simply create contacts from within Thunderbird, bearing in mind that, in order to be displayed on the Contacts lens, the contacts must be created inside Ubuntu One category
  • via Ubuntu One web-site under Contacts page

The above presented method will list the added items under Unity Contacts lens' Contacts category

  • via Google Contacts web-site (navigate to the site and add contacts, they will appear immediately in the lens)
  • via Ubuntu's GNOME Online Accounts (open System Settings-->Online Accounts-->entering your account name&password, then adding contacts via GNOME Contacts will automatically add them to the lens)

    sudo apt-get install gnome-contacts

The last two presented methods will list the items under Unity Contacts lens' Google Contacts.

After the contacts are added, one can easily edit the items by clicking on them.

How do we install Unity Contacts lens
Add the following PPA (Oneiric)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/lenses

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ppa:atareao/lenses scope-contacts-desktop scope-contacts-google

Then, reboot your computer.

When on first usage, Google Contacts scope will display a Configure clickable button, useful for entering your Google account' details.

The lens comes with no filters, nevertheless the author added the already "common" More Results button, clicking on it adds more and more items (apart for being esthetically clean and properly organizing the "page").