Unity 8 running on Mir video-demoed on a Galaxy Nexus with truly enjoyable experience

Days ago, the developers announced the exciting news of Mir's reaching a new level of development, namely, being able to be successfully paired with Unity 8, while running on devices.

Yesterday, the powerful (work in progress) Unity 8-Mir tandem was video-demoed on a high-resolution screen (a desktop) with impressive performance: fast animations, smooth element interactions, support for clear tear-free view summonings (like for example, the draggable support for pushing the side-stage onto the interface's main view), etc.

Ubuntu's Kevin Gunn shared a video with Unity 8 running on Mir on a Galaxy Nexus, further demoing the now's state of Mir and Unity 8 on a mobile form-factor.

As seen in the below clip, the results are impressive with similar above-presented abilities, a truly enjoyable experience.