Unity 8 and Mir video-demoed with impressive progress (0% X11 usage)

Recently, the developers announced an in-progress yet exciting stage of UnityNext running on Mir, interesting achievement presenting itself as a solid milestone towards a no-compromise upcoming UniyNext-Mir pair.

Moreover, the link between Unity 8 (the upcoming version of Unity) and Mir is solid enough to be demoed in a video-clip, solid state exposing the modern bundle on a 2880x1800 screen resolution (using Intel HD 4400 graphics).

Ubuntu's Jono Bacon contacted Ubuntu's Michael Zanetti, in order for the latter to put together a video-clip with Unity 8 and Mir, displaying the already-impressive level of development advancement on the Mir front.

Looking at the below clip, one is to immediately notice an exciting overall experience with smooth animations, fast element interactions, side-stage integration, etc, a truly agile and beautiful computing enviroment.