Unity 6.12 landed in Raring Ringtail with new lens icons, refreshed Previews and updated descriptions

Quality is an aspect considered in Raring Ringtail, development release that features a noticeable stability and reliability, almost similar to a regular Ubuntu stable release.

Nevertheless, it seems that Ubuntu 13.04 is also targeted to receive various visual refinements and eyecandy elements, including Unity.

Unity 6.12 (daily 13.01) has landed in Raring Ringtail, introducing interesting changes, transforming Unity into a more polished refreshed interface.

The Dash allows the user to perform both online and offline searches, basically, (especially the Dash home view) the Dash groups multiple data sources, in order for the user to search through, locate and access of-interest items.

The newly landed 6.12 Unity updates the Ubuntu logo (BFB)'s tooltip to Search your computer and online sources, aligning the Dash capabilities to an intuitive clear title/label.

Furthermore, the Dash home (accessible by pressing the Super button) features Search your computer and online sources inside of its search bar, thus the user is to immediately identify the Dash's search potential/capability by simply reading the mentioned text description.

A definitely interesting aspect of the newly updated Unity is its adoption of new lens icons, icons featuring a modern, classy look & feel.

A-shaped icon, rounded elements, refined proportions, come to paint a fresh attitude on the lens bar.

Months ago, the developers implemented the Unity Previews, essentially, right-clicking on an item (inside the Dash), opens it in its dedicated Preview view, furthermore, exposing big-sized images, long text-descriptions, action-enabled buttons, etc.

The newly landed Unity introduces new exciting capabilities and animations for the Previews:

  • right-clicking on an item (thus triggering its Preview), renders (from top to bottom) a darker container (encapsulating the Preview's content)
  • items (available in a Dash view) are exposed on the top and on the bottom of the Dash, furthermore, being properly displayed, positioned and proportioned
  • clicking on navigation icons (thus cycling/moving previewed items) moves accordingly ghost items, meaning, previewing Totem, highlights its ghost item, moving the Preview to another element/icon (such as VLC), moves the highlight to VLC's ghost icon
  • closing the Preview, closes the Preview with an inversed animation (from bottom to top), creating a fancy effect
  • ghost icons are item icons exposed in a Preview at the bottom and top of the Dash

Sometimes, item sizes play a relevant role when dealing with items, contrary, in cases like item size visual modification, the user may tend to believe that deals with faulty items.

The mentioned approach has been fixed in the new Unity, generating accurate situations like dragging a PNG file from the Dash (to ...), preserves its size, without decreasing its appearance (from a visual size point-of-view), clearly transmitting to the user the accurate state of operations (dealing with the same identical file).

The mentioned additions, along with various changes and optimizations, come to deliver a more refined strengthened Unity.