Unity 5.8 released with optimized visuals, new multimonitor options, new animations and more

Unity 5.8 has just landed in Ubuntu 12.04, bringing a serious amount of fixes, as well as new features.

What is new in Unity 5.8?

  • option to set a launcher per primary display (one launcher on multiple screens) or a launcher per display (multiple launchers on multiple screens) under System Settings-->Displays-->Launcher Placement
  • support to enable/disable launcher's sticky edge behavior (when circulating the mouse between screens) under System Settings-->Displays-->Sticky Edge-->check ON/OFF
  • fancy HUD animation on summoning
  • massive amount of minor visual enhancements (new Dash optimized colors, properly aligned Dash items, cleanly rendered Dash icons removing the white-ish ghost-like distortions, improved launcher color saturation, tweaked Dash fonts, etc)
  • serious amount of bug fixes for multimonitor environments
  • new message when the search doesn't return found items, "Sorry, there is nothing that matches your search"
  • updated Keyboard shortcut overlay
  • improved Notify OSD's chameleonic aspect with nicer colors
  • the HUD respects now launcher's states (if the launcher is visible, the HUD blends with it, if the launcher is set on autohide, the HUD is displayed as an independent/single entity)
  • various performance improvements