Unity 5.10 landed in Ubuntu 12.04 with enhanced card view, reduced frost effect, improved icon rendering and numerous bug fixes

Unity 5.10 has landed in Ubuntu 12.04, bringing numerous changes and improvements to the polished Unity shell.

What is new in Unity 5.10?

  • when in fullscreen mode, close/minimize/maximize buttons are more clickable, meaning the Dash or maximized windows can be closed/maximized by clicking the space near the buttons, thus the buttons's clickable area has been enhanced (now, clicking the top-left corner closes the Dash, even if the actual close button is not clicked)
  • the menus are now condensed, meaning if an application has "long" menus and the screen resolution can't handle its length (the menus don't fit on the panel) the menus are condensed in order to display all the available menus

  • optimized Dash opened state (if an application is maximized, opening the Dash will display, under the Dash, its title bar, thus making the "background" looking natural, as opposed to the "until-now" way where, when the Dash was opened, the maximized window under the Dash it was displayed without titlebar)

  • the search bar is now state-aware, meaning it is expanded when the Dash is maximized, furthermore features now a "full" look being displayed from one corner to another when no filters are available

  • improved icon rendering in the Dash (the non-square icons are bigger, more visible)

  • new implemented card view, used in the Unity Video lens with fancy look, slick background and pleasant highlight mode

  • predictable window management (if a fullscreen window if unmaximized by press&hold its titlebar from the right-side of the panel, then window will be unmaximized on the right-side of the desktop)
  • enhanced launcher icons' colorization
  • new animation when adding launchers from about-to-install applications (when installing apps via Ubuntu Software Center, hitting the install button will move the app icon from its USC place to the launcher)

  • fixed way of dealing with maximized windows when the CompizConfig Settings Manager's Panel Opacity for Maximized Windows Toggle is checked (and the launcher opacity is set towards the zero value)
  • optimized Dash's "texture" rendering (the frost effect has been reduced from 100% --fullstate-- to 30%)
  • Unity panel features now a modified more subtle shadow

  • enlarged lens icons' clikable area (lenses can be summoned by clicking both the actual icon and the rectangle that surrounds the icon, obviously a plus in usability)

  • solid work on the HUD
  • improved rendering of the Dash's corners
  • numerous bug fixes