Unity 2D 5.10 released with numerous enhancements and bug fixes

Unity 2D 5.10 has landed in Precise Pangolin, brining numerous bug fixes and new features.

What is new in Unity 2D 5.10?

  • the Dash displays now Sorry, there is nothing that matches your search when there are no found items (related to previously typed words in the search field)
  • support to select Top left corner as a reveal trigger under System Settings-->Appearance-->Behavior-->check Top left corner (when the launcher is set to Auto-hide mode), meaning the launcher is revealed only when the mouse pushes against the top-left corner
  • fixed Dash navigation support via keyboard shortcuts (such as Super+A for Applications lens, Super+F for Files lens, etc)
  • new keyboard keys-related proper behavior (if the Dash is opened and users type "something", hitting the Escape key clears the search field (the first key press) and then closes the Dash (the second Escape key press)
  • various HUD improvements (the HUD respects now the launcher's state, hidden or visible)
  • multimonitor-related bugs fixed