[Ubuntu in the wild] US Air Force uses Ubuntu

Brazil, Germany, Colombia, France are among the countries filling the users' detailing of cases of Ubuntu's usage in projects, public initiatives, natural decisions, etc, Ubuntu more and more advancing in the users' homes, work places and relevant areas.

Along with users from all over the world, Ubuntu has seen a spectacular adoption in research-wise environments, spanning universities, futuristic projects and cutting-edge bold potentialities.

Mind of a Quadrotor is a US Air Force project shaped around a relatively-small quadrotor robot, robot already possessing impressive skills, including flying through man-made objects, scanning the environment with lasers, specific sensors, etc.

Yet, the in-progress project has been created with the main goal of imprinting autonomous capabilities into the quadrotor, essentially, to develop a machine capable of thinking and, therefore, able to make its own decisions and act accordingly.

By looking at the presentation clip, one can notice the usage of Ubuntu with Unity, operating system used by the experienced US Air Force engineers in performing actions related to the futuristic machine, Ubuntu usage adding yet-another important adopter, Ubuntu usage once again proving Ubuntu's reliability in highly-advanced serious projects, Ubuntu usage marking yet-another success in powering the world's most advanced projects.