[Ubuntu in the wild] San Francisco State University uses Ubuntu

Millions of houses, famous actors' laptops, supermodel ads, cutting-edge military projects, are among the places where Ubuntu is installed, run and appreciated.

Yet, with each and each day, the world is further penetrated by Ubuntu in a captivating manner, from areas of science where flying robots are tested and developed to NVIDIA's demo of the latest advancements on its front.

Ubuntu-passionate user Sameer Verma shared a definitely exciting image, presenting the usage of Ubuntu in San Francisco State University, picture that exposes a classroom literally filled with computers running Ubuntu, led by a big-sized running-Ubuntu projector in front of the class.

"My classroom at SF State University, running on Ubuntu 12.10 and LTSP with a low-fat client setup. Runs everything from Firefox to LibreOffice to Blender from one server".