[Ubuntu in the wild] Driverless car project, AutoNOMOS Labs, uses Ubuntu

Workers in China, dancers from Spain, fishermen from Australia, villagers in Africa, are among the millions and millions of Ubuntu users, operating system capable of successfully satisfying needs, requirements and demands of persons from across the world.

As clearly seen across the latest months, Ubuntu has penetrated (and it is penetrating) a vast and diverse amount of areas of the world, including military projects, state universities, official cutting-edge presentations of top-of-the-line companies, etc, progressively being adopted by specialized communities, too.

AutoNOMOS Labs is a serious project, part of the Artificial Intelligence Group of the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, funded by the Ministry of Education and Research.

A definitely interesting aspect of AutoNOMOS Labs is its primary goal, namely, (developing) the technology of the driverless car.

Moreover, the futuristic developers use Ubuntu, as spotted in the below image, where Ubuntu (with Unity) is utilized for the development of the driverless car, usage-case demonstrating Ubuntu's constantly-increasing adoption, suitability and reliability related to highly-demanding, professional scientific zones.