Ubuntu User Survey 2012's results published

Ubuntu is an exciting ecosystem where lots of interactions, ideas, beliefs, passions are put together to form a global community that uses, modifies, builds and interacts with Ubuntu in numerous ways.

Days ago, Ubuntu developers launched an user survey where users responded to various question, answers gathered in order to sketch a "professional" relatively accurate look on who, why, where related to Ubuntu.

The survey was available in three languages (Spanish, Portuguese and English), being available via various online media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc).

The number of users who participated to the survey is impressive: English (15653), Spanish (1825), Portuguese (1751).

The results :

  • 70% users are under 35 years
  • 4% women involved
  • on English-based survey, the "dominant" countries are USA, UK, Germany, India, Canada
  • the Spanish-based survey is a clear evidence of how vividly Ubuntu is represented all over the globe