Ubuntu Unleashed 2012 Edition available on Amazon

Ubuntu Unleashed 2012

How to install drivers, what is wubi, how can I properly install Ubuntu, the sudo command, repositories?, are all just a few from thousands and thousands of question, infos to aquire, problems in the complex Ubuntu space.

This is the purpose of specialized blogs and forums, but there are folks used to take informations from well written books, that cover the above subjects in chapters, usually designed with a learning curve in mind.

Ubuntu Unleashed 2012 Edition is a consistent book written by the known Ubuntu-oriented author, Matthew Helmke, book "intended for intermediate to advanced users".

Created for Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu Unleashed takes one to an in-depth journey, starting with Unity, System Administration, Ubuntu as a Server, pre and post-installation configuration, Multimedia Application, thoroughly continuing with Games, commandline, shell scripting, backing up, networking and much more.

The 750+ pages book is available on Amazon for $29.99