Ubuntu Touch developers announced the successful "first run of Unity on top of MIR"

Starting with 2013, the Ubuntu world has been immersed into UnityNext, Mir and Ubuntu Touch, bundle of software that is to take Ubuntu to a more powerful, polished and modern experience.

Hard work and solid advancements are attributes characterizing the mentioned projects, the developers are constantly landing new and new features, additions and optimizations, overall development effort filtered through serious formal evaluations and paired with more than 150 Canonical developers.

Ubuntu's Sergio Schvezov sent a definitely exciting email to Ubuntu Touch's official mailing list, presenting the development gains for the current week, among which the successful "first run of Unity on top of MIR".

It seems that Mir (the upcoming default display server for Ubuntu as a whole,--including desktops, phones, tablets--) has already started to move towards a stable version, moreover, being properly packed and tightly integrated with Unity.

Furthermore, as part of the same email, NotifyOSD Next Generation has reached an "almost complete" stage, vital Ubuntu component that has witnessed a constantly-growing development process, too.