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Ubuntu for tablets' hardware requirements revealed

Today, February 19th 2013, Canonical unveiled Ubuntu for tablets, enriching its family of interfaces with a tablet-aimed modern, polished and classy experience.

It seems that the developers are currently presenting the tablet OS to potential partners via a double-sided approach: entry level and high-end.

Naturally, one can immediately think about Canonical's scenarios related to potential companies interested in adopting the fancy tablet interface, such as low-spec tablets used only as tablets, high-performance tablets suitable to be used as both tablet and desktop (in relation to attached keyboard and mouse), etc.

Consequently, Canonical has put together hardware requirements for Ubuntu for tablets, being categorized in:

  • for entry level consumer Ubuntu tablet
    • processor architecture: Dual-core Cortex A15
    • memory: 2GB preferred
    • flash storage: minimum 8GB
    • screen size: 7-10 inch
    • multi-touch: 4 fingers
    • full desktop convergence: not supported
  • for high-end Ubuntu enterprise tablet
    • processor architecture: Quad-core A15 or Intel x86
    • memory: 4GB preferred
    • flash storage: minimum 8GB
    • screen size: 10-12 inch
    • multi-touch: 4-10 fingers
    • full desktop convergence: supported