Ubuntu Party Paris to happen during November 16th - November 17th 2013 with 40 presentations

Ubuntu is a vivid full-of-vitality universe where 30 million users from all over the world are sharing their passion for Ubuntu, operating system that has brought in the world an original innovative manner of digesting computer-related activities, while working on the upcoming converged experience, in order to further push the IT limits at a planetary scale.

Along with contributing code, submitting translations, responding to technical Ubuntu-related questions on forums, there are numerous users focused on constantly freezing Ubuntu passion in events, events gathering tens, hundreds, thousands of users seeking to popularize Ubuntu, as well as to deepen the users' knowledge about Ubuntu and its upcoming capabilities.

During November 16th - November 17th 2013, there is happening Ubuntu Party in Paris, Ubuntu-fest presenting itself as a massive pool of Ubuntu conferences, lectures and presentations spanning a wide and diverse spectrum of topics.

Paris' Ubuntu Party features approximately 40 lectures and presentations, among which Ubuntu parties, how to become an Ubuntu translator, Blender, command line, advanced Ubuntu, Ubuntu workshops, LibreOffice, OpenStreetMap, as well as Ubuntu Touch and the latest trends in Ubuntu.

A definitely interesting aspect of Ubuntu Party Paris is the dedication of presentations to Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu Touch and Ubuntu converged that have become across the latest months a standard topic in numerous Ubuntu public presentations, Ubuntu Touch and convergence-enabled Ubuntu adopted by talkers and lecturers as a normal piece of Ubuntu, Ubuntu OS not being anymore divided in desktops, phones and tablets.

As a consequence, the attendees of Ubuntu Paris Party are to experience a full-spectrum Ubuntu presentation, where all its components and family of interfaces are first class citizens, approach showing the rapidly-growing adoption of Ubuntu converged in the users' minds, hearts and interests.