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Ubuntu One reveals "Send to Ubuntu One" near-future feature

Ubuntu One is definitely a platform where constant innovation and development are "usual" attributes, and, after extending its "coverage" into other OSs, the developers are to launch in the probably near future a new interesting addition: Send to Ubuntu One button.

The button is to be inserted into various web-sites, moving/copying, when clicked, that particular web-site content (probably music tracks, images, video files, etc) to your Ubuntu One account, thus removing the need to download and save files to the desktop (or smartphones, etc), consequently, "when they log in to Ubuntu One the content is there and on all their devices ready to be synced or streamed at their convenience".

Although in its early beginnings at-the-moment, Send to Ubuntu One can be previewed on http://www.sci-fi-london.com/old-time-radio-0 (action that will actually transfer to your Ubuntu One account the clicked files).