Ubuntu One Files app for iOS available for download

Files for iOS

2012 is here, as well as an interesting addition to Ubuntu One.
Following the success of the Files application on Android, that has been "hugely successful", Ubuntu One team has just launched the same app for iOS, adding support to manage and secure photos on iOS devices.

Now, every time the iOS' Files app is opened, it will automatically send photos from the iOS device directly to one's Ubuntu One account (and other connected devices), acting like a secure backup.

The social interactions are given proper priority, you can easily share photos on Twitter, Google+, Facebook or your personal web-site via the Files app.

Next, Ubuntu One is to be focused on "borders" expanding, "we have partnered with several auto electronic engineering suppliers to create a prototype of the Ubuntu One connect car", that is to touch (at the moment) the music streaming from an Ubuntu One account to a car.

Download Files app for iOS (App Store)