Ubuntu further extends its openness by launching UbuntuVoice, official open-for-participation user experience network

Ubuntu is a massive globally-scaled project, going beyond borders, age, nationality and social status, uniting 20 million users into an area where friendship, affection and performance are acting as the ground on which the Ubuntu operating system firmly stands.

Ubuntu is a user-centric OS, attribute noticed and publicly expressed by Linus Torvalds, too, centering the user's needs, demands, feedback into carefully-crafted interaction behaviors, optimized interfaces and beautiful patterns.

The Ubuntu designer Tingting Zhao has announced the exciting availability of UbuntuVoice, essentially, an official user-experience network where users are to provide feedback towards Ubuntu's apps, products, goals, etc.

Basically, via UbuntuVoice, the accepted users will have the unique opportunity of shaping Ubuntu at its very core, in the sense of, via their provided feedback, helping the designers forming, strengthening and refining upcoming components/areas of Ubuntu.

The interested-to-participate users are to characterize themselves as wanting to:

  • "be the voice of over 20 million Ubuntu users. You will have the opportunities to take part in a variety of Ubuntu user research with different products, and help shape the Ubuntu experience. You choose the ones that you are interested in"
  • "stay up to date with Ubuntu. Get periodic updates (every two months) via email, such as what designers are working on, how feedback is used, and how users behave when interacting with technology"
  • "get a little something extra. Some of our research will come with an incentive, or in the form of a ‘Ubuntu goody’ lucky draw, and some research will be voluntary"

In order to be a part of UbuntuVoice, the users are to navigate to https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/forms/d/1xB7vRZiQDcEVCQX-HVqExj0...

UbuntuVoice is yet-another evidence of Ubuntu's openness towards the user, proving its deep serious interest for the user's feedback into a magnificent creation environment where power, solidity and beauty are serving millions of users all over the world.