Ubuntu font monospace BETA will be available in the very near future

Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal, was launched last week, and, just before UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) , the rumors are starting to appear, enhancing our curiousity :What will be in Oneiric?

Until next week when we will see the way Oneiric will take, we can only speculate, but...

An interesting long-awaited "but" is the Ubuntu font monospace flavor.

Ubuntu Open Week is in progress this week, and, at "Ask Mark" users have had the possibility to ask Mark Shuttleworth various questions, and, one of the most interesting answers is: "this cycle, is my estimate" (the question--> "When will we see the beautiful Ubuntu monospace font?").

Then, Mark continues: "but we've given a final view on the basic mono cell structure, now it's design and engineering, and much of the design is done".

That is not all (here is the confirmation): "so i think there will be a beta soon".

So, the natural conclusion is that Oneiric Ocelot will feature all the flavors of Ubuntu font.