Ubuntu designers published Ubuntu Edge's design-process story

The look has played a definitely crucial role in Ubuntu Edge's public reception, reception constantly being expanded to new and new areas of interest.

Ubuntu's Chee Wond, an industrial designer, published an interesting article about the design process behind the Edge, design process that shifted the Edge from mere mockups to a physical reality.

It seems that the now-famous Suru style has been used as a ground for creating and further evolving the Edge, "we started off by pulling the key elements of the Suru theme, and expanded on that, in order to explore the transition from a digital user experience, to a physical one".

Then, the process traversed sketches, samples, mockups stages and finally seeing the light of an actual physical state.

Moreover, by looking at the images with Ubuntu Edge featuring Core Apps' applications, one is to notice the perfect mix between software and hardware, how the two are properly combined into a singular hardware-software piece.

The full article can be enjoyed on http://design.canonical.com/2013/07/ubuntu-edge-design-process/

At the moment, Ubuntu Edge is on an Indiegogo funding campaign available at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge