Ubuntu designer Christina Li presents the Weather app's design process

Swiping gestures, fully-usable screen edges, handy indicators, multiple views, are among the features offered by Ubuntu for phones, overall polished interface that set the touch-based Ubuntu operating system as an object attracting a massive amount of positive reactions.

Moreover, currently, there is happening a serious process of enlarging Ubuntu for phones' core applications, process traversing multiple stages, including sketching, design and code implementation.

Weeks ago, the now-beautiful Clock app was presented on the official Ubuntu design webpage, allowing users to enjoy a fancy and usable app design (design in-progress translated into code).

Furthermore, the Ubuntu designers are approaching the Weather app, presently putting together a set of designs related to the Weather app.

Experienced Ubuntu designer Christina Li published a definitely interesting article, displaying the design of Weather with clear step-by-step details.

The images show a promising, truly captivating Weather app with numerous functionalities and views, the sketches are backed by explanatory behind-decision text descriptions, allowing interested-in-design users to grasp the exciting stage before the actual creation (in code) of applications, as generated by professional designers.

The full article can be enjoyed on http://design.canonical.com/2013/03/app-patterns-applied-weather-key-jou...