Ubuntu converged's Ubuntu System Settings received numerous new features

Ubuntu System Settings is the next generation system-settings application for Ubuntu converged, designed in mind from its very beginning with powering Ubuntu converged (Ubuntu running on desktops, phones, tablets, etc).

At the moment, Ubuntu System Settings is under heavy and prolific development, seeing across the latest weeks more and more features, therefore, being progressively moved towards usability.

Ubuntu System Settings has been updated to another exciting release, further incorporating new views, views removing the blank-like states of the icons exposed on the main view and pushing into their dedicated views/areas tweakable options.

Language has received new features and initial view, housing now numerous and relevant options; clicking on Language, opens a Language & Text dedicated view, where multiple options are clearly displayed.

At its top area, the user is to notice the Display language entry where the actual system-used language is accurately presented.

Clicking on Display language, allows the user to easily select a preferred language via a filled-with-languages view; clicking on a preferred language, selects it and, in order to apply it, the user is to utilize the fancy orange Confirm button.

Furthermore, the Language view comes with serious functionalities, allowing users to maneuver critical aspects of the system's text-related experience, such as Spell checking, Auto correction, Auto capitalization, Auto punctuation.

Another newly-enriched entry is Phone, being now populated with call-specific features.

Navigating to Ubuntu System Settings-->Phone, the user is faced with basic-yet-handy functionalities, among which Call diversion, Call waiting and SIM Services.

Call diversion and Call waiting are both clickable and accessible, clicking on an entry (such as Call waiting), pushes it into a dedicated view where the user is able to switch ON/OFF the phone's call waiting.

Time & Date received handy functionalities, being a hassle-free mean of managing and adjusting time zones, as well as displaying the current time and date.

Via the Time zone entry, the user can select a preferred time zone by typing a term in the Time zone's search area and selecting a preferred search result; clicking on a preferred result, applies the time zone to the system.

Ubuntu System Settings is available via Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center.