Ubuntu converged's Ubuntu System Settings received new features

Ubuntu System Settings (work in progress) is the next-generation system-settings application built in mind with Ubuntu converged, therefore, being addressed to and usable under phones, tablets and desktops powered by the upcoming Ubuntu converged.

Ubuntu System Settings has been updated to another meaningful release, bringing a significant amount of new features, further pushing the designed-by-Ubuntu-for-Ubuntu app towards a highly-enriched highly-useful tweaking tool.

Launching the newly-updated Ubuntu System Settings, the user is to notice the newly-implemented Search field, field permitting a fast and reliable search-through-options ability, allowing the user to search for, locate and then access its contained features.

Typing (for example) d in the Search field, populates the system-settings app with matched search results, among which Background, Updates, Time & Date, etc, search method proving itself handy.

Deleting the previously-typed characters, reverts Ubuntu System Settings to its original main view.

Under Time & Date, there are exposed time-related functionalities, including the ability to set the time and date, feature implemented with both manual and automatic capabilities.

Selecting the manual method, the user is now faced with a dedicated dark-ish fancy time-setting view, where the time is to be hassle-free tweaked; meaning, selecting the Manually entry and clicking on the time and date entry summons the elegant Set time & date view, where hours, minutes, seconds, days, months and years are clearly presented and adjustable.

On its main view, Ubuntu System Settings lists the Reset phone entry, too, Reset entry that, when clicked, displays clickable buttons capable of reseting various areas of Ubuntu; the new Ubuntu System Settings adds real functionality to the Reset launcher & home screen button, clicking on it (and clicking again on Reset launcher & home screen), resets the Unity launcher (including on the desktop).

If (for example), the user has multiple non-default icons on the Unity launcher, clicking on Reset launcher & home screen, resets the Saucy desktop's Unity launcher, Unity launcher containing now only the default icons (icons that come with the default installation of Ubuntu).

Moreover, Ubuntu System Settings has been enriched with the recently-refreshed selectors, selectors implemented in multiple views, including Background, Updates, Storage, Language & Text, etc, selectors improving the overall look & feel of the Ubuntu converged's Ubuntu System Settings.

Ubuntu System Settings is available for testing/installation via Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center.