"Ubuntu for a Child" donated running-Ubuntu computer to needy child

As one can easily observe across the world, various corners of humanity are heavily affected by poverty, inability to obtain critical-for-living items, including food, properly-equipped house, means of transportation, etc.

Poverty affects numerous nations, cultures and individual types, such as children, latter category that, in order to progress through life, must posses modern tools, like for example computers.

Ubuntu for a Child is an interesting effort aimed at (partially) filling the life of poor children, by donating to them computers running the Ubuntu operating system, thus allowing the children to attain certain computer skills, necessary to improve their life with the help of technology.

Yesterday, January 19th 2013, the community CUSOL-UIS (from Bucaramanga, Colombia) with the help of the Chaplin Foundation and local priests delivered a running-Ubuntu computer to Edward, "a seventh grade child with disabilities in their lower extremities and with low income, who has been an example of life and improvement in the community".

Full set of pictures are available on http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151200772482353.438731.136659...