Ubuntu and HP delivered 1,5 million laptops in Uttar Pradesh, 28,000 laptops in Assam and 65,000 laptops to University of Delhi

Perhaps since our very existence on this Earth, we, human beings, have constantly divided ourselves in languages, countries, social statuses, traditions, ways of thinking, etc, division expressed in the present as poor and rich countries, affluent societies and lacking-everything cultures, latter where the very bread represents a daily challenge for millions of persons.

While opposing opinion against opinion will probably retain the same superpowers versus third-world countries dispute, it seems that serious institutions have put aside the meaningless words and are so courageously working towards the better.

In the now's world, computers have a critical importance, computers helping persons to communicate, achieve a job, resolve work-related tasks, overall computer activities that can be hassle-free performed with Ubuntu, attribute clearly understood by the Indian government which is actively pushing more and more Ubuntu-powered computers in the hands of millions of Indians.

In India's Uttar Pradesh, via a massive government-sponsored laptop program, 1,5 million Ubuntu/HP laptops are being delivered, colossal amount of Ubuntu laptops tremendously enriching the lives of Indians seeking to master the technology trends of the world, where communication, email access and the vast web are the foundation on which mankind stands (economically, politically, socially, etc).

Moreover, the Government of Assam has already delivered 28,000 Ubuntu laptops to students managing to pass more than 60% of exams, Ubuntu prize paired with proven educational skills.

Related to the 28,000 Ubuntu laptops, MK Yadava, former Managing Director Assam Electronics Development Corporation (AMTRON), stated that:

"The Ubuntu-based PCs are of huge benefit to the students of Assam. They have all the educational programmes they need – from word processing to spreadsheet creation – and it’s all ready to go from day one".

Furthermore, the University of Delhi's campuses have received 65,000 powered-by-Ubuntu HP laptops, allowing students to enjoy the modern, solid and powerful Ubuntu operating system.

Ubuntu's Maria Bonnefon affirmed that:

"At Canonical these programmes are very exciting for us, Ubuntu has always been about collaboration – humanity towards others, and the freedom to participate. These programmes extend that freedom to communities which otherwise may have been cut off from it. We look forward to continuing our involvement in education in India with our partners, like HP".