Ubuntu 13.10 Final BETA released and available for download

Cycles ago, the developers announced that Ubuntu development cycles will retain only a BETA release, focusing the ALPHAs-related energy on the actual strengthening of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 13.10 BETA has been released, marking the first and only official BETA release in the Saucy Salamander development cycle.

What is new in Ubuntu 13.10 BETA?

The Saucy BETA comes by default with the Smart Scopes project, transforming the Dash into a powerful search area, where numerous and numerous scopes are hassle-free available. Typing a term in the search area (in the Dash home), searches through a massive and diverse amount of online and local sources, presenting now numerous matched search results ranging from Wikipedia to deviantART and Google.

The Dash contains now by default all available scopes, scopes exposed with monochrome icons and user-friendly enable/disable ability; clicking on a scope, pushes the scope in its dedicated preview, allowing the user to 1-click away enable/disable the scope (the enable/disable feature has been implemented per scope, therefore, the user can disable,--for example--, three scopes, while utilizing the rest of the scopes).

Disabling a scope, renders the disabled scope's icon with a dimmed color, clearly transmitting its non-active disabled state.

Hitting the keyboard's Alt+Tab summons the handy Alt+Tab Switcher, useful window cycler that gained mouse pointer support, summoning now the Alt+Tab Switcher, retains the mouse pointer on the screen, permitting to the user to use the mouse pointer directly on the Alt+Tab Switcher (thumbnail selection, scrolling between thumbnails with the mouse wheel, etc).

Clicking & holding & dragging with the mouse pointer on the Saucy BETA desktop, renders the selection area as colored with the desktop background's average color, basically, gaining a chameleonic feature proving itself pleasant-to-the-eye and integrated into the desktop.

Evince 3.8.x, Ubuntu's default PDF reader, was enriched with a refreshed look & feel, introducing a fresh new toolbar featuring monochrome icons and a newly-repositioned search area, bundle of additions adding modernism to the handy reader.

Rhythmbox follows the redesigned path, too, adopting in its Saucy version a revamped toolbar with text-free buttons, as well as three new buttons (New Playlist, Load from File, Check for New Devices accessible via the bottom-left area).

Activity Log Manager is Ubuntu's default Zeitgeist manager, allowing the user to clear logged events, disable certain apps from logging events, etc, Zeitgeist manager significantly improved with a completely new look & feel, visuals paired with full-spectrum deletion capabilities (being able to delete all logged events from all desktop corners via System Settings-->Security & Privacy-->Files & Applications-->Clear Usage Data).

While enjoying the Saucy BETA the user is to notice the default implementation of Indicator Keyboard, handy appindicator presenting itself as an easy and reliable manner of selecting of-interest languages, as well as containing clickable entries related to language settings.

Ubuntu's Light Themes, Ambiance and Radiance, have been targeted for relevant refinements, seeing in the latest weeks long-awaited changes, among which consistent toolbars (for example, Nautilus' toolbar is now rendered with black on both titlebar and addressbar,--valid for Ambiance--), as well as consistent menus and various visual tweaks (optimized buttons in Evince, etc).

Ubuntu ships by default Onboard, virtual keyboard coming with a massive amount of functionalities; in Ubuntu 13.10 BETA, Onboard features sound and popups support, moreover, bringing handy typing assistance: for example, enabling the typing assistance via Onboard appindicator-->Preferences-->Typing Assistance-->check Show suggestions, adds an extra area to Onboard where suggestions for typed characters are exposed.

GNOME Disks has been refined with a new device area (presented on its main view), allowing the user to more easily select media (including USB sticks) and to perform erase-based actions on selected media.

Ubuntu 13.10 BETA received Transmission 2.8.x, recently-released version containing bug fixes and more visible details (like for example, exposing the amount of free space directly on the torrent-adding dialog).

Ubuntu 13.10 BETA continues the previous-cycles' centering of quality and robustness, delivering a stable, fast and further optimized operating system (yet, Ubuntu 13.10 stable is to be released on October 17th 2013, OS version aimed at production machines).

Ubuntu 13.10 BETA is available for download on http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10/