Ubuntu 13.04's Unity adds new BFB icon and ability to set Unity launcher icons to 8 pixels

Weeks ago, an updated version of Unity landed in Raring Ringtail, introducing a definitely noticeable boost in speed when performing different action types (such as opening the Dash, accessing Previews, searching for items, etc).

Along with under-the-hood optimizations, Ubuntu 13.04's Unity gained new lens icons, drawing a refreshed state on its lens bar, taking its look & feel towards a more refined modern state.

Weeks ago, the developers published an interesting set of icons, aimed at being utilized by both Unity and applications (Ubuntu Software Center, Nautilus, Software Updater).

Unity has been updated to another eyecandy-focused release, bringing the previously-announced fancy BFB icon, thus changing the Ubuntu logo's look with a pleasant-to-the-eye no-tile whirlwind-like appearance.

Yesterday, a new Unity launchpad webpage was populated with a handy Unity launcher ability, branch removing the "old" 32 pixels barrier.

The newly landed Unity comes with support to set the Unity launcher's minimum icon size as low as 8 pixels, meaning, navigating to CompizConfig Settings Manager-->Ubuntu Unity Plugin-->Launcher-->Launcher Icon Size-->set value 8, the Unity launcher renders its contained icons with a size of 8 pixels.

Starting with Ubuntu 12.10, the Dash features the Unity Previews, innovative functionality that allows the user to, by right-clicking on an item, access extra details and actions into a dedicated Preview view.

Furthermore, Unity release after Unity release, the Previews have been enriched with new and new functionalities, rich bundle enlarged now with a wide mouse pointer-related closing behavior.

A Preview can be closed now by clicking and/or right-clicking on the Preview's text descriptions, too, ability that expands the easiness of closing a Preview.