Ubuntu 11.10's System Settings features "Online Accounts" and "Color"

System Settings

GNOME Control Center/System Settings is a "global" place that allows one to easily configure/adjust/check important options, such as drivers, keyboard properties, software sources, accessibility configuration, etc categorized in "Personal", "Hardware" and "System".

New additions have just landed in Oneiric Ocelot, and now System Settings finally includes:

  • "Online Accounts" (GNOME Online Accounts 3.1.1), at the very begging in Oneiric, with support for Google accounts (more will probably follow, as well as integration into various apps)
  • "Color" (colord-based), despite being at its early beginnings, supports color calibration for scanners, printers, webcams, cameras (under Add device-->Device type) and adding profiles ("Add profile")