Twitter app Tori and Reddit Reader demonstrate how interesting apps can be created with the recently released Ubuntu SDK

In the same day with Ubuntu for phones' public announcement, the developers unveiled a new Ubuntu software development kit, positioning the programming language QMl at its very center.

Consequently, by utilizing the Ubuntu QML toolkit, interested developers are able to create interesting applications with pleasant-to-the-eye animations, rounded elements, clean colors, etc.

Reddit Reader (work in progress) is an exciting reddit-focused app, that gathers and displays reddit items, app designed with Ubuntu phone OS in mind, yet, usable on the Ubuntu desktop, too.

Running the app, the user is to immediately notice fancily rounded thumbnails, generating a modern stylish look & feel.

Basically, the reddit reader exposes messages from Reddit, rendered as a list, yet, clicking on a list item, directly opens it in its specific webpage, including Youtube, Imgur, Quickmeme, etc, webpages fully usable and accessible.

A definitely interesting aspect of the mentioned app is its scrolling approach, meaning, the user is able to scroll through the webpage by scrolling down/up the mouse wheel, as well as by clicking & holding & dragging the webpage, essentially, incorporating both desktop and touch-friendly approaches.

Lazy scroll and artifacts-free animations are immediately observable, the reddit app clearly demoes effects and visuals that can be incorporated into Ubuntu QML toolkit-based applications.

Reddit Reader's code is available on https://github.com/brambram/UbuntuPhoneRedditApp

Tori (work in progress) is a Twitter client that utilizes the newly released Ubuntu SDK, presenting itself as a good-looking utility.

As seen in the below clip, the Twitter utility comes with a dark sidebar and a main view, latter housing tweets.

Fancy menus, interesting animations, rounded buttons and search bar, are elements part of Tori, app incarnating Twitter activities into an Ubuntu SDK-based experience.

Tori's code is available on https://github.com/saruneko/tori

Full official details, recommendations and tips about the Ubuntu SDK are available on http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/