Transform your computer into a mirror with MirrorCam


Communications across the internets are usually "helped" by webcams, hardware pieces that can add further "details" into conversations.
Nevertheless, webcams are also used for non-communication tasks, too, such as recording a video tutorial with one's face (and voice) in order to link the user directly with the tutorial maker, that, along with the mentioned person-to-person usage, uses an inversed image capture, such as displaying in the left-side of the screen the hand raised in the right-side of the screen (from the user perspective).

Sometimes, for various reasons, there is a need for a mirror-like video stream (as generated by a webcam), approach "adopted" by MirrorCam, a simplistic utility that converts one's computer, via the image captured by the webcam, into an actual mirror, with an accurate reflection of the user on the computer's screen.

MirrorCam presents the user a minimalistic yet good-looking interface, when launched, the captured video "flux" occupies the main view, view that is to be adjusted via the toolbar's monochrome icons.

Video's default width and height can be tweaked under toolbar's "cog" icon that summons a "real-time" dialog, meaning, while the dialog is opened and MirrorCam is at a certain size (such as 640x480), maximizing the utility (and thus increasing its size), modifies the dialog's width and height as in relation to the modified sizes.

Maximizing the application is as simple as double-clicking on it, action that, when repeated, restores the window to its previous unmaximized state.

How do we install MirrorCam 1.0?
Add the following PPA (Precise)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robotex/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mirrorcam