Third-party developer demoes fresh application created with Ubuntu QML toolkit

Just two days ago, the open-source ecosystem (and mainstream media, etc) witnessed the successful launch of Ubuntu for phones, a modern filled-with-innovation interface aimed at phones.

Along with a massive amount of positive feedback and interest, Ubuntu for phones has been paired with an exciting platform for creating designed-with-Ubuntu-for-phones-in-mind applications (running on the desktop, too), meaning, users/developers are able to download and use the Ubuntu QML toolkit (exciting infrastructure backed by clear official explanations, details, how-tos, etc).

It seems that hours after the announcement of the Ubuntu QML toolkit (preview stage), interested third-party developers have started to discover the abilities presented/contained by the QML toolkit, furthermore, creating (and demoing) applications with the QML toolkit.

The below clip (presenting a game created by the third-party developer nono68200) shows a fresh just-created application, where the user is to type various values (such as 10, 35, 80, etc), in order to discover the accurate number.

Pleasant animations, rounded search/typing areas, "lazy" scrolling, fancy menus, etc, are available to be utilized and implemented by developers, in order to create overall interesting, good-looking applications.

Full installation details (Ubuntu QML toolkit) are available on http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/

Step-by-step official guide (how to create a currency converter phone application) is available on http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/mobile/curr...