How to easily clear Zeitgeist's history in Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 ships by default Zeitgeist, powerful event-logging service specialized in recording events, in order to expose the recorded events in relevant apps and parts of the desktop.

Zeitgeist logs events, like for example opening an image, accessing a folder, creating a new document, playing a music track, events then populating the Recently used and Recent entries of the Dash (and matched search reasults), as well as certain applications, permitting a fast and reliable manner of (re)opening previously-opened items.

Activity Log Manager 0.9.7 landed in Ubuntu 13.10 with new features

By default, Ubuntu uses Zeitgeist as its event logger, Zeitgeist that tracks and records events (opening images, playing music tracks, editing text files, etc), events then exposed in various key areas of the desktop, including the Dash.

Activity Log Manager is Zeitgeist's default manager, allowing the user to refine its activities, such as including/excluding apps from tracking, deleting recorded events, etc.

Activity Log Manager 0.9.6 landed in Ubuntu 13.10 with refreshed design

Ubuntu uses by default Zeitgeist, powerful event logger that automatically tracks events (opening a video clip, playing a music track, creating a text document, etc) in a database, database then utilized by various Ubuntu components and applications.

With the help of Zeitgeist, the Dash exposes recently-used applications, recently-opened images, etc, allowing the user to easily (re)access of-interest items.

Meet Zeitgeist Explorer 0.1, developer-aimed logged-events explorer

Zeitgeist is a powerful and accurate event logger, useful to log/record events (opening an image, creating text documents, playing a movie, etc) into a managed base from where multiple applications can utilize recorded events.

Ubuntu uses by default Zeitgeist, exposing (for example) recently-opened items in the Dash (apps, music tracks, etc), allowing the user to immediately (re)open previously-opened items.

Indicator Privacy 0.02 released with show/hide username on the Unity panel and Raring support

Indicator Privacy is a handy appindicator that allows users to hassle-free enable/disable privacy-related functionalities.

Basically, Indicator Privacy contains the 1-click away ability to enable/disable both online search capabilities (used by the Dash to expose results from default and third-party lenses) and Zeitgeist-powered event tracking.

Thunderbird and Firefox Zeitgeist datasources/plugins available via PPA

Zeitgeist is a powerful tool specialized in logging events, in the sense of keeping track of user's file interactions, such as opening text files, images, playing music tracks, copied folders, etc, events organized in a database from where applications, if it is a requirements, use them in useful scenarios like providing a Dashboard in Ubuntu's Gedit with most frequently used text files, last opened files in the Dash's home view, etc, bundle of actions made possible by sources/datasources/plugins provided by default by Zeitgeist in Ubuntu.

Access your Firefox and Chromium/Chrome web-history with Unity Web History lens (PPA available)

Unity Web History lens

Browsing the web is a daily activity, where thousands and thousands of webpages are visited, helping us to obtain informations related to subjects of interest, downloading packages, etc.

Unity Web History lens gathers, categorizes and displays one's visited webpages in the Dash, allowing users to easily access visited webpages by simply typing a word and opening (by clicking on it) the desired item.