Meet Unity-Deezer, 20 million tracks Deezer-based Unity Web App

Unity Web Apps are a new exciting technology (implemented in Ubuntu 12.10 by default), expressed as a powerful mix between numerous online services and the Ubuntu desktop, mix incarnated as a desktop-integrated "surrounding box" for online places like Gmail, Google+, Youtube, BBC, last.fm, etc.

Installing a Web App, adds the installed Web App's icon to the Dash, furthermore enhancing it with desktop-specific functionalities, like Messaging Menu integration, enriched Unity launcher quicklist, desktop notification support, Unity launcher countbadge, etc.

Numerous supported Ubuntu Web Apps landed in Ubuntu 12.10 (by default)

Recently, the developers landed (by default) Ubuntu (Unity) Web Apps' infrastructure in Quantal Quetzal, without use cases, meaning, there weren't actual Web Apps available (by default), excepting Ubuntu One Music and Amazon, two interesting Web Apps situated on the Unity launcher (without further actions, such as dragging & dropping their launchers on the Unity launcher).

The latest updates bring numerous specific Web Apps in Ubuntu 12.10, allowing users to benefit Web Apps.

Fogger landed in Ubuntu Software Center

Days ago, Ubuntu announced a new exciting technology, Ubuntu Web Apps, targeted at making the web a first class citizen on the Ubuntu desktop, by integrating numerous web applications into the desktop via a no-compromise full desktop integration layer, in the sense of allowing web apps to be accessed, managed, started, stopped, etc, similarly to regular applications.

Consequently, taking a native road, the integrated web apps feature Messaging Menu integration, enhanced Unity launcher quicklist, regular desktop notification bubble, count badge, etc.

Ubuntu developers: Web Apps will be far from being simple web links

Ubuntu Web Apps

Days ago, the developers have introduced a new exciting project, Ubuntu Web Apps, that (work-in-progress) offers a new enhanced way of dealing with web apps, in the sense of adding desktop integration, such as automatic creation of launchers (.desktop files), easy possibility to launch web apps via the Dash, Messaging Menu integration (such as displaying one's GMail unread mail messages, etc), Sound Menu integration (like for instance, support to modify one's running last.fm track state f

Mark Shuttleworth at OSCON 2012: We want to make the web first class citizen

The new Ubuntu Web Apps have been made available for public testing and preview, triggering a solid amount of positive feedback across the internets.

The original announcement has been unveiled at OSCON, a widely known and appreciated conference, where Mark Shuttleworth presented bits of interest as related to Ubuntu and "online", online in the sense of both cloud computing technologies and Web Apps.

Ubuntu Web Apps available via PPA (list of supported websites included)

The developers have just announced a new major project for Ubuntu, based on the near-future landing of, by default, a solid amount of web apps, featuring an enhanced desktop integration (Messaging Menu, Unity launcher, badge and HUD support, etc), basically, allowing users to easily launch a desired web app via the Dash, furthermore gaining, via the mentioned integration, enhanced Unity quicklists, number of messages, replies, etc, in the Messaging Menu and more (at the moment, Ubuntu Web Ap

Ubuntu 12.10 to feature enhanced integrated web apps (video demo)

Days ago, Unity 6.0 landed in Ubuntu 12.10 introducing mainly under-the-hood improvements, probably to be followed by numerous new features, and, while Ubuntu continues to gain major changes (Software Updater, refreshed Nautilus, etc), it seems that the developers are simultaneously focused on multiple development sides, enriching Ubuntu 12.10 and Unity with both under-the-hood, local eyecandy elements and, according to a just now video-based announcement, web apps integration.