Weather App hit 1.0 version

The present weeks are the period of time when several core applications are reaching the 1.0 status, first stable releases coming after months and months of energetic work, iterative design process and fruitful collaborations.

Weather App has been updated to the 1.0 version, version marking its first stable release, solidifying the significant development work happened across the latest months into a usable, refined and user-friendly weather tool.

Weather App updated with precipitation units and under-the-hood improvements

Ubuntu Touch Core Apps is an official project where a group of handy applications is presently being developed, development to generate in the near future a stable version of the core applications.

Weather App has witnessed numerous new features, optimizations and polish across the latest weeks, gradually moving itself towards an enjoyable usable weather tool.

The easy guide to Ubuntu 13.04's weather tools

Continents, countries, arid regions, rainy days and cloudy weekends are part of our daily lives when, sometimes, the user is to be prepared for various weather conditions while traveling, conducting investigations, spending a long-awaited weekend, etc.

In Ubuntu, the user can digest accurate weather informations via several applications, among which My Weather Indicator, Indicator Weather and Weather App.

Weather App refines its visuals

Weather App is an Ubuntu SDK application, designed in mind with gathering, managing and exposing relevant weather informations into a classy good-looking interface.

Multiple cities, monochrome icons, date, ability to scroll through and observe hour-bound weather informations, additional weather details housed in flipped views, are among the features already implemented in the handy weather tool.

Weather App updated with data accuracy improvements

Creativity, passion and energy are presently acting as a ground for Ubuntu Touch Core Apps, official project where experienced Ubuntu developers, professional Ubuntu designers and ingenious third-party developers are developing a set of core apps marked in their very forehead with Ubuntu converged.

Essentially, millions of users from all over the globe will be able to use Clock App, Calculator App, File Manager App, Music App, etc, on phones, tablets and desktops united by the powerful Ubuntu converged.

Weather App updated with per-hour weather informations

Ubuntu Touch Core Apps' applications are a set of core apps designed in mind with Ubuntu converged, yet, following a double-sided approach: on one hand, the developers are presently being focused on delivering a stable release of the core apps for Ubuntu for phones in the upcoming months, on the other hand, the core apps will be expanded,--abilities already present in the apps, while not fully pushed forward--, for tablets and desktops.