Install more than 130 walls from Saucy's wall-submission contest with Saucy Salamander Wallpaper Contest

Recently, the Ubuntu 13.10's wallpaper-submission contest reached its successful end, end delivering in Ubuntu 13.10 a pack of lovely wallpapers, beautifying the Saucy desktop.

Yet, the wallpapers delivered in Ubuntu 13.10 are just a percentage of the total amount submitted to Flickr, percentage (due to size and judgment restraints) that naturally left behind a significant number of interesting wallpapers.

Enrich your Ubuntu 13.10 wallpaper collection with "Ubuntu Saucy" set

Across the latest weeks, the users were able to submit wallpapers to a dedicated Flickr wallpaper pool, in order to include their images into the default wallpaper stack of Ubuntu 13.10.

The submission-contest reached its end, resulting beautiful wallpapers covering a wide and diverse range of tastes and preferences.

Yet, it seems that Saucy Salamander continues to attract the interest of creative wallpaper creators, as in the case of the deviantART user moonwatcher2k1 who created an interesting bundle of wallpapers centering the saucy salamander.

Ubuntu 13.10's wallpaper-submission contest sees fresh new walls

Every Ubuntu cycle contains a wallpaper-submission contest, where creative Ubuntu-passionate users are invited to submit personal creations to a dedicated Flickr pool, wallpapers then triaged, tested and added to Ubuntu by default.

It seems that Ubuntu 13.10's wallpaper submission process has been characterized, since its very beginning, by a significant interest, interest materialized in almost 200 wallpapers submitted to Flickr, while the contest has been open for just few days.

The default wallpaper pack landed in Ubuntu 13.04

The method of implementing the default wallpaper pack in Ubuntu features an interesting approach: the developers start a call for submissions, interested users submit original wallpapers to a dedicated Flickr place, the developers select a shortlist, the developers refine the shortlist and land the selected wallpapers in Ubuntu by default.

Days ago, the developers announced and published the initial shortlist of wallpapers, wallpapers bearing a pleasant-to-the-eye overall look & feel with landscapes, abstract patterns, captured nature, etc.

Ubuntu 13.04's in-progress wallpaper shortlist selected

Ubuntu features a series of solid traditions, including the selection and landing of the default wallpaper stack in every and every Ubuntu release.

Meaning, at the beginning of the development cycle, the developers announce a CALL FOR SUBMISSION, thus interested creative users are able to submit wallpapers to a dedicated Flickr online place.

Prior to landing the wallpapers in Ubuntu, the developers filter the backgrounds and select a set of desired wallpapers, pack shortly after implemented in Ubuntu as default.

Fancy animated wall LiveWallpaper 0.4 adds new wallpapers and features

LiveWallpaper is a fancy animated wallpaper pack, presenting itself as good-looking desktop animated walls.

Essentially, LiveWallpaper is aimed at replacing the static desktop wallpaper with vivid shapes, pleasant-to-the-eye animations, fancy patterns, etc, sculpted into a highly-configurable experience.

LiveWallpaper 0.4 has been released, taking its previous versions to a more rich, strengthened and optimized application.

Dynamic wallpaper Evolving Circle Wallpaper 0.2 adds 1080p support and refinements

Number of (unread) emails, missed calls, specific of-interest informations, etc, are bits exposed on the home screen of the Ubuntu phone OS, home screen that constantly updates its appearance with new and new informations.

The mentioned home screen triggered interest in the Ubuntu community, consequently, creative third-party developers designed and materialized the phone OS' home screen (from a look point-of-view) into a desktop flavor, as in the case of Evolving Circle Wallpaper.

Enjoy an Ubuntu phone OS-inspired animated desktop-wallpaper via Evolving Circle Wallpaper

Along with a massive amount of attention related to swiping gestures, screen edges, drop-down menus, etc, Ubuntu for phones has generated interest across Ubuntu's creative community.

As a consequence, various creative third-party developers and artists have imprinted the Ubuntu phone OS' visual elements into wallpapers, mockups, applications, etc.

It seems that, among the most cherished and appreciated visual elements of Ubuntu for phones, the phone OS' home view has a relevant place, inspiring numerous wallpapers, both static and animated.