Add artificial intelligence to your desktop with Ubuntu wallpaper

Simply labeled as Ubuntu wallpaper, the image expresses an interesting idea, putting together Ubuntu, a robot and an eye-catching background.

The wall imprints artificial intelligence into the desktop, centering a sentient machine powered by Ubuntu, while the background transmits a virtual universe made out of code, vast pool of knowledge mastered by the intelligent robot.

Add calm and simplicity to your desktop with balloon-ized Ubuntu wallpaper

Balloons gnu/linux distros wallpapers is a pack of minimalist wallpapers that centers numerous logos of Linux distributions into simplistic-yet-elegant backgrounds.

Basically, the Balloons gnu/linux distros wallpapers pack contains 23 wallpapers, including numerous Linux-based operating systems, among which Ubuntu, wallpapers embracing Linux as part of Ubuntu, Fedora, Mageia, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Debian, etc.

Bring style on your desktop with Saucy, artistic wallpaper

The latest version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 13.10, was released recently, version gathering positive feedback across the web related to its quality, stability and speed.

Yet, along with the software-wise welcoming, numerous artists have been creating interesting artwork all over the internets, art centering the salamander representing Ubuntu 13.10.

In the above-mentioned area, there is the talented deviantART user Momez, too, artist creating an eye-catching wallpaper placing in its focus the saucy salamander.

Meet Fish and Water and The Jump, wallpapers created 100% with Inkscape

Inkscape is a free open-source tool specialized in creating and editing SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), permitting a wide and diverse set of actions, including creating wallpapers.

The Ubuntu-passionate artist Golden Ribbon shared two new interesting wallpapers created with "100% Inkscape", wallpapers embracing a new creation flow, differentiating themselves from the previously-created wallpapers with a black and white look.

Add a cartoonish look & feel to your desktop with Ubuntu Cloud Wallpaper

Wallpapers have the capacity of enriching the desktop, visuals that, when properly selected, increase the level of beauty on the desktop, as well as helping the powerful Dash to more finely house items.

Ubuntu Cloud Wallpaper is an interesting wallpaper that brings a cartoonish look on the desktop, putting together hand-made like clouds on top of an elegant purple background, visuals surrounding the Ubuntu logo.

Add an exotic feel to the desktop with Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander Fractal version wallpaper

October 17th 2013 saw the release of Ubuntu 13.10, release cherished and appreciated by numerous users from all over the world for its speed, optimizations, quality and freshly-updated software.

Yet, along with users focused on Ubuntu 13.10's software-related capabilities, a significant number of artists has been creating artwork centering the saucy salamander, creative Ubuntu users enriching the desktop with a wide and diverse amount of eyecandy.

Enter into the matrix with Blue Matrix wallpaper

The polished Unity launcher, the minimalist Unity panel, the fancy Alt+Tab Switcher and the beautiful Dash are components that deliver a classy chic computing experience to Ubuntu users.

Wallpapers have also a significant role in increasing the level of beauty on the desktop, visuals that, while sometimes looked at with indifference, have the capacity of noticeably increasing the desktop's eyecandy percentage.

Add vitality to your desktop with Saucy Salamander Wallpaper pack

On October 17th 2013, Ubuntu 13.10 will be released, marking yet-another exciting version of the powerful modern operating system, OS packed with features, improvements, as well as with new wallpapers generated by the fruitful submission contest and the landing of the default wallpaper.

Saucy Salamander Wallpaper is a set of wallpapers centering the vivid salamander into a simplistic, minimalist environment.

Add a metallic variation to Saucy's default wall with Aqua Graphite wallpaper

In every Ubuntu development cycle, the implemented-by-default wallpapers are gathered from two sources: on one hand, there is the submission contest, where creative artists submit images to a dedicated Flickr pool, on the other hand, there is the default wallpaper.

The Ubuntu designer Mika Meskanen shared on Twitter an interesting variation of Ubuntu 13.10's default wallpaper, filtering the Saucy's default wall through a more sober metallic feel.