Simplistic yet full-of-features tweaking tool, Unsettings 0.08, adds Ubuntu 12.10 support

Across the latest Ubuntu development cycles, Unity has progressively grown both in features and tweaking possibilities, consequently, the user is able to select, adjust, modify, etc, numerous Unity parts (in relation to intended preferences, use cases, at-the-moment demands, etc).

Unsettings is a simplistic (in its usage) yet full-of-functionalities Unity-focused tweaking utility, housing numerous clickable configuration options, thus allowing users to easily set accordingly a wide range of options.

Tweaking tool Unsettings 0.07 released with new features


Unsettings is a lightweight yet effective configuration tool, allowing the user to easily adjust, tweak, set, etc, numerous parts of the desktop, such as Unity launcher size, panel opacity, used fonts, number of workspaces, GTK+ themes, icon themes, etc.

Unsettings has been updated to another interesting release, 0.07, bringing, along with new features, support for Ubuntu 12.10.

Unsettings 0.06 released with enhanced theme selection and stability improvements

Unsettings 0.06

Unsettings is a light yet filled with numerous configuration options for Unity tool, "touching" a wide range of desktop components, like launcher, Dash, themes, panel, etc.

Unsettings has just been updated to another version, 0.06, bringing bug fixes (working appmenu included) as well as an overall improved stability (on both presenting configuration options and successfully crash-free applying them).

Easily manage Unity via Unsettings 0.05

Unsettings is a handy application useful for providing easy access to numerous Unity configuration options in an easy-to-use interface.

Unsettings 0.05 has just been released bringing bug fixes and an overall increased stability.

Unsettings' look is cleanly divided into eight clickable categories (left-side) and their related options: