Ubuntu Tweak and Unity Tweak Tool, powerful tweaking applications for Ubuntu 13.10

Days ago, Ubuntu 13.10 was released, bringing into the open yet-another exciting Ubuntu release rooted in quality, speed and agility.

Ubuntu 13.10 ships a sane optimized set of default applications, apps located, presented and accessible with carefully-selected interactions, features and behaviors.

Yet, Ubuntu is fully configurable, permitting an in-depth tweaking of its features and components, in order to satisfy a wide range of preferences and requirements.

Unity Tweak Tool 0.0.6 landed in Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center

Unity Tweak Tool is a lightweight, intuitive application that gathers a significant amount of tweakable options under a clear interface with proper categorization, user-friendly descriptions and desktop integration.

Unity launcher, Unity panel, icon themes, font sizes, themes, window controls are among the tweakable entries located in Unity Tweak Tool, handy utility allowing the user to hassle-free adjust the powerful Unity to one's likeness.

Unity Tweak Tool 0.0.5 released and landed in Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center

Unity Tweak Tool is a handy useful tweaking utility that filters a massive set of adjustable and configurable options through a user-friendly intuitive interface, a clean hassle-free application where the user is able to change, enable, disable the desktop per one's likeness and needs.

Unity Tweak Tool has been updated to version 0.0.5, presenting itself as a bug fixes release, 0.0.5 version landed in Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center, therefore, aligning its functionalities to the upcoming Ubuntu 13.10.

Unity Tweak Tool landed in Raring's Ubuntu Software Center

By default, Ubuntu ships a solid set of defaults, applicable to applications, desktop behavior and Unity settings.

Yet, where there are millions of users, there are numerous preferences and filtered-through-one's-needs use-cases, situations handle-able via tweaking tools.

Unity Tweak Tool is a powerful tweaking tool that incorporates a serious bundle of features under an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Unity-Tweak-Tool 0.0.2 adds new features

Ubuntu is a full-fledged operating system that comes with numerous applications and user-tested interaction behaviors, containing a sane set of default actions and activities.

Yet, there are users who, after installing Ubuntu, tweak the desktop, generating a customized per-user-preference Ubuntu experience, touching applications, Unity launcher, Unity panel, window management, etc.