Unity-2D removed from Ubuntu 12.10 by default

Quantal Quetzal

Ubuntu Developer Summit Quantal generated interesting to-be-implemented objectives, goals, across the Quantal Quetzal development cycle, to be implemented as default, categorized and organized in different corners of Ubuntu, starting with the shipped kernel version, Unity enhancements, GNOME stack's adoption, etc.

Unity 2D 5.7 released with multimonitor enhancements (sticky edges, edge responsiveness and more)

Unity 2D 5.7

The Precise Pangolin cycle can be characterized as a development phase where internal components are polished and developed in almost every possible aspect, "trend" that gracefully applies to Unity 2D, where major features are added in almost the same amount and with the same passion and precision as in Unity 3D.

Unity 2D 5.7 has just been released, reducing its lack of features (as compared to Unity).

What is new in Unity 2D 5.7?

Unity-2D to probably feature the HUD in Ubuntu 12.04


Unity-2D was first implemented as a alternative to Unity 3D, suitable for low-hardware machines incapable of handling the 3D version.

The alternative has become, throughout the development cycles, more and more powerful and polished, "demanding" a feature-parity with its 3D version, presenting itself, at the moment, as almost the same as Unity in terms of features and polish, yet slightly different.

Unity-2D 5.4 landed in Ubuntu 12.04 with redesigned buttons and new features

Unity 5.4 has already been released, adding new features (including a new lens, Unity Video lens) and overall polish.

Unity-2D shares code with Unity, thus being more and more closer to its development phase, meaning, after every Unity release (with features, UI improvements, etc), Unity-2D follows almost the same additions (there are, isolate cases, where a feature is first introduced in Unity-2D, then released into the 3D version).

Unity-2D 5.2 released with numerous improvements in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Unity-2D 5.2

Unity 3D 5.0 has just been launched in Precise Pangolin, bringing new gorgeous refinements, numerous bug fixes and a noticeable boost in speed.

Unity 3D shares code and bugs with its QT-based brother, thus triggering shorter and shorter release cadences for the 2D version (featuring almost the same enhancements), consequently, Unity-2D 5.2 has landed in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

What is new in Unity-2D 5.2?